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     Please find below some articles published by Todd Willard.  exceltrain, inc. hopes you find them to be valuable and will give you a sense of the type of skills oriented training you will come to expect with exceltrain, inc.



Value2(Squared) Selling Technique


The DBA of a Professional Sales Person


Value2 (Squared) Selling Technique


by Todd Willard

In today’s competitive selling environment, numerous books and articles have been written about "consultative" and "value" selling techniques and processes. In fact, hundreds of books and thousands of articles over the past twenty years have dealt with various selling methodologies.

So what, you ask, makes this article on the familiar topic of consultative/value selling unique? The single contributing factor with Value2 (Squared) selling is the notion that it takes the value based selling approach to an entirely new perspective. This perspective is the essence of why one makes a sales call on a prospect.

Value2 (Squared) selling is the concept that a sales representative is not just looking to provide solutions that bring value to his "direct" prospect or client. The theory behind Value2 (Squared) selling is that the sales representative is going to provide value for his prospect’s customer or his existing customer’s customer. Sound a little confusing? Illustrated below is the Value2 (Squared) selling model. The sales representative, by employing this value based selling technique, is looking to sell products or services that will provide a benefit to his prospect or customer that will be perceived by their respective customers to provide value as well.

Sales Representative

Providing Products and Services

:                     :                     :

:                     :                     :

:                   Value                   :

:                     :                     :

:                     :                     :

V                     V                     V

Existing Client or Prospect

:                     :                     :

:                     :                     :

:                   Value                   :

:                     :                     :

:                     :                     :

V                     V                     V

Existing Client's or Prospect's



The thought process involving the Value2 (Squared) selling technique is to put yourself in the place of your existing client or prospect when reviewing needs, concerns and issues and how you, the sales representative, can impact their business in a positive way. If the product or solution that you are providing will demonstrate value, that can also be translated to demonstrating value to their customer, then the opportunities to close the sale have increased by 50%!

In all businesses today, at least one of the four areas highlighted below can reveal potential areas of concern where businesses need assistance. The four areas that can be impacted are:


  • Increasing Revenue or Profit

  • Decreasing Expense

  • Enhancing Operating Efficiencies

  • Improving Customer Service


The relatively new or somewhat seasoned sales representative, whether selling a tangible product or service or an intangible product or service, usually does an adequate job of consultative selling to the first level of value selling (to his existing client or prospect). In other words, uncovering concerns or issues in one of the categories highlighted above where he or she can provide a solution for the existing client or prospect.

An exceptional sales representative understands the concept of Value2 (Squared) selling and intuitively reviews the opportunity to provide value at the next level – the existing client’s or prospect’s client. This subtle understanding of value selling can make a tremendous difference in how the sales representative is perceived by an existing client or prospect. As a sales representative employing this technique, you will clearly differentiate yourself from the competition, who continues to talk consultative, value based selling in old-world terms.

Today, begin to think in terms of your client’s client or your prospect’s client and incorporate a dynamic new twist to this process of value based selling called Value2 (Squared) technique. Play to Win and Good Selling.


Todd L. Willard – President

exceltrain, inc.

exceltrain, inc. is a sales training and consulting company that specializes in sales training skills, sales force automation,  sales consulting, and technology training.




The DBA of a Professional Sales Person


In today’s highly competitive sales environment, the "DBA" of a professional salesperson or "Doing Business As" (DBA) a professional salesperson can take on many aspects. The acronym "DBA" in this case refers to the following:

D = Dream

B = Believe

A = Achieve

Let’s take a look at each to define what these mean to a professional salesperson.

The first aspect is to Dream "D". As a professional salesperson, we all must take the time and make the concerted effort to establish those goals that we would like to achieve. Goals can be comprised of many different elements. Some common ones for professional sales individuals would be what type of income they would like to achieve, what type of car they may want to drive, look to attain a promotion, gain acceptance into the President’s Club, be the top producer for the month / quarter / year, etc. Without establishing the goals and activities needed to achieve those dreams, many times they simply will not be attained. It is also important to write those dreams and goals down on paper and consistently review them. Statistics have proven that documented goals will be attained at a 40% greater level than those not written down and documented.

The next letter in the acronym is Believe "B". What do we mean by believe? If we have first documented and established the goals and dreams we would like to achieve, the next step is to believe that they can be attained. Many of us in today’s environment believe in God. We believe and have faith that a God exists. To believe means to have faith and know that by working smart, hard and following established and proven activity levels, we can achieve our goals and dreams. It is quite helpful when establishing the goals to ensure that they can be measured and are in fact attainable. A series of mini-goals to attain along the way can truly be an inspirational motivator. An individual who sees continual positive tracking on attaining those dreams will begin to believe and know that the goals and dreams will be reached along the way. This positive outlook has an incredible snowball effect in helping the professional salesperson "believe" he can achieve.

The last element is Achieve "A". Now that the dreams have been established and we have the positive attitude in believing that they can be attained, the last area for consideration is, in fact, achieving those dreams. Here, it is important to understand that all goals and dreams will not be achieved at the same time. Try to scope out over the course of the year the various dreams and goals you are looking to achieve. Realize that the promotion you are moving on may only happen at a certain time of the year. If you work in a cyclical sales environment, buying or leasing that new car may come in the "high" season for sales. As a result, being able to achieve can happen over the course of many months or even years. A very important exercise to conduct would be to take about 10 minutes of your time and begin to write down those items in your life that you would consider to be accomplishments (both in business and personal) over the course of your lifetime that you have "achieved". In the very short 10 minutes, you will be amazed at what you have already accomplished with your life. This exercise will help to inspire you to realize that what you are looking to achieve in this next year is quite possible, with all that you have already accomplished in life to date. You will also get so excited about "your list of accomplishments", that you will very likely look to identify some additional goals you would like to achieve over the rest of your life. Ensure that you make a list of those as well.

Dream, Believe and Achieve. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? We all know as professional sales individuals that "doing business as" a professional salesperson is in essence quite difficult. With the difficulties and challenges also come tremendous rewards and gratification from a job well done. This article is intended to break our profession down into some simple steps and success will come our way.

Play to Win and Good Selling!

Todd L. Willard – President

exceltrain, inc.


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