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Performance Sales Management Program


  • 3-4 Days Long, Leader Led.


  • New Hire Sales Training Program

  • Advanced Sales Training Program

Population Profile:

  • Tenured and/or new sales managers who will have involvement with leading or managing a sales team for the company.

 Program Objectives:

  • Performance:  The participant will be able to lead and manage company sales reps through participation in this program.  It is designed to give the sales manager the necessary skill sets to manage a sales team successfully.


  • Conditions:  Through a leader led program the participants will work independently, in pairs and teams to apply the management skills and concepts presented in each module.  Managers will be challenged to learn advanced management concepts associated with leading a sales team that is dedicated to promoting a consultative selling environment.  This management program fully supports the New Hire sales training course that new hired or tenured sales reps attend.


  • Standards:  Throughout the course, participants will effectively present the compelling value of our company's products and services and demonstrate learned management skills.  Competency levels can be extracted from participants upon completion of the program as a measurement device if desired by the company.

Summary Evaluation

  • Managers will demonstrate their competency through activities and exercises completed during each phase of the program and successful completion of modules in addition to final review testing, if desired.


If you would like further information about the following program simply click on the e-mail address below.  Please be sure to give your name and any contact information so that we may get back to you as soon as possible.   Thanks.



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