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Leadership Program


  • 2-4 Days Long, Leader Led.


  • None

Population Profile:

  • New and existing company management employees who will need to be well versed in  understanding the intricacies of how to lead an organization.

Program Objectives:

  • Performance:  The participant will be better equipped to understand the key differential components between management and leadership techniques.  The participant will be able to demonstrate competency in the understanding of leadership concepts after attending the program.

  • Conditions:  The participant will be involved in a leader led program and work independently as well as in teams to apply what has been learned.  Various activities will be conducted to allow the participant the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge attainment of leadership and a management skill.

  • Standards:  During the duration of the training program, the participant will effectively communicate their knowledge and skill level regarding leadership.  Knowledge and skills will be demonstrated through a series of interactive activities to allow the participant the opportunity to demonstrate their skill attainment and assess their weakness.

Summary Evaluation

  • The leadership program offering is designed to give the participant a solid understanding of how leadership impacts their respective company.  Understanding the general leadership acumen and terminology in addition to applying the concepts in an integral part of the learning experience.

If you would like further information about the following program simply click on the e-mail address below.  Please be sure to give your name and any contact information so that we may get back to you as soon as possible.   Thanks. 



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