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DSL Technology Program


  • 1 Day Long, Leader Led.


  • Basic Telephony Program

Population Profile:

  • New and existing employees who do or will have involvement with the voice and data networks within the company.

Program Objectives:

  • Performance:  The participant will be able to demonstrate a keen knowledge and insight into Digital Subscriber Lines.  He will be able to differentiate between the various types of DSL and show competency when dealing with DSL communication solutions. 


  • Conditions:  Through a leader led program the participants will work independently, in pairs and teams to apply the skills and concepts presented in each module.  Employees will bring knowledge of real problem solving techniques and an  understanding of the inner workings of DSL.  The participant will also be able to make objective decisions concerning such technologies.


  • Standards:  Throughout the course, participants will effectively present the compelling value of our company's voice and data networks and demonstrate useful skills and knowledge pertaining to DSL systems.  A final exam will also be administered at the end of the program if desired.

Summary Evaluation

  • Students will demonstrate their competency through a series of scenarios having to do with Digital Subscriber Lines.   Upon successful completion of the module there may be final review testing.

If you would like further information about the following program simply click on the e-mail address below.  Please be sure to give your name and any contact information so that we may get back to you as soon as possible.   Thanks. 



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